We hired Aaron to do

We hired Aaron to do a home inspection on a house we we’re looking to buy. We were under contract and almost bought a nightmare house until he saved us from what would’ve been our worst financial mistake. He was able to schedule the inspection for the next day. We are first time buyers, and I asked about a million questions. No honestly like a million questions! Every time he stopped what he was doing and came right over to see what I was concerned about. He got to the property early (arriving at 1:40 was scheduled to be there at 2). Typically I guess home inspections should take 1-2 hours. HE WAS THERE FOR OVER 4 HOURS!!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better inspector. He crawled under the house “which had less than 24” clearance” he found a leak that had rotted the floor, a roof leak, improperly installed metal roof, foundational issues, improper wiring, appliance issues, and even evidence of a possible small fire in the attic from a past furnace. I can’t help but think what kind of mess we would be in if we didn’t hire Aaron to inspect this house. PLEASE TAKE MY WORD FOR IT HE IS THE BEST OUT THERE!!!! You will not find a more thorough home inspector.

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